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Sponsor Highlight - Karen Korene/The Bridezilla Virus

Usually, brides would rather listen to advice from an outside source than from family and friends. Believing in this, Karen Korene wrote The Bridezilla Virus to help women prepare for their upcoming nuptials. The pages feature narratives, opinions, and suggestions on how to avoid anxiety, tension, and other troubles that one might encounter in preparing for her wedding day.

Highlighting information such as:

  • Identifying, soothing, and taming the Mama-saurus who can wreck your wedding

  • Trimming the guest list without causing drama

  • Highjack-proofing your wedding from takeover tyrants

  • Doing it yourself (DIY)…LMAO (need I say more?)

  • Wrestling with your underwire for a stress-free day

  • Saying, “It’s my wedding (and I will cry if I want to)”

  • Establishing that it’s your wedding and not Mother’s Day

  • Realizing that dress + diet = disaster

We will be giving FOUR copies of this humorous and IMPORTANT book to winners throughout the show and FOUR copies of the clipped version to runners-up!

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