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What's New!

Savvy Soiree Exhibitors, check out what's new for our upcoming expo!
Video Ads

We'll have rotational video ads on both sides of the fashion show runway for the January expo. These ads will display throughout the expo. You provide your logo or graphic that you'd like featured and we'll get your business in the rotation. You can find info for the video ads in the exhibitor packet.

Savvy Soiree Wedding & Event Magazine

We're producing a beautiful magazine that includes planning tips, exhibitor features, and information that will be given to each attendee at registration on the day of the expo. While this magazine will feature a general list of exhibitors, there's also space for full or double page exhibitor ads. You can find a sample magazine layout here.

Store Front Signs

If your business has an area that you'd like to display signage about the upcoming expo, let us know and we'll get a sign to you. Click here to let us know you'd like a storefront sign.

Platinum (Billboard) Sponsorship

We have gold and platinum sponsorships that have great features. Did you know that the platinum sponsorship has the option of having your logo featured on a billboard located in Florence! Billboards are going up a month before the expo. And, there's still time to submit your artwork for a billboard. You can find sponsorship info in the sponsor listing.

Exhibitor Welcome Packet

Whether this is your first expo with us or your forth, you may need a quick reference on how to prepare for the expo and here is where you'll find it.

Exhibitor-Only Facebook Group

We're testing an exhibitor-only Facebook group to communicate for the upcoming expo. We'll use this closed group to try to reduce the number of emails we send. But, we'll still have to send emails because some exhibitors are not on Facebook. Click here to join the group.

$1,000 Worth of Attendee Gift Cards

Through different partnerships, we've secured gift cards that will be distributed to expo attendees: $200 for wedding related items (like a cake topper, guest book, canvas prints, etc.) and $800 for a set of wedding bands. Attendees will receive the $200 gift card when they register at the door upon entry and will receive the $800 gift card when they turn in their completed passport. We all know that everyone loves free stuff. We'll be promoting these and encourage you to do so too.

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