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Featured Vendor - Funtography Moments

Photo Booths and Weddings Just Click!

Like wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and movies… some things are just meant to go together.

Adding a photo booth to your celebration is so much more than just snapping a selfie. It's about creating memories. It’s the ultimate icebreaker for making new friends. It’s about throwing caution to the wind and unleashing your alter ego. It’s about hosting an event people never want to leave! Funtography Moments LLC Photo Booth will have your guests tweeting long after the party ends.​​

From selecting the venue, to choosing the caterer, as well as the florist, and photographer, you've carefully crafted the details of your wedding. Your wedding day will be filled with so many once in a lifetime moments. Don't let the stress of putting together a DIY photo booth keep you from savoring each one. Funtography Moments takes care of everything, and our personal attendant will be with the booth throughout the party.

What makes us different?

Their open air photo booth is sophisticated, yet fun. Small enough to blend in, but with a larger than life personality. That fantastic thing everyone wants to be around. It's the leader of laughter, purveyor of smiles. It's the one detail people will talk about and remember long after the reception ends!

Photo booths mean props, and ours range from insanely goofy to sophisticated fun. It's okay to go propless as well. Want something unique and different? Their creative team will design props just for you. Glitz and glam sequin, custom designed, or maybe an interesting wall from the venue are just a few of your backdrop choices.

Whether a wedding, corporate event, or fundraiser, we'll design the perfect template for your instant photo prints. Yes, they really do print high quality images immediately. And not just one for your guests to fight over. Every one in the photo gets a print... 10 people, 10 prints. Not a digital file floating around in the clouds soon to be forgotten, but a real life hard copy. The photo that ends up on the refrigerator, in a frame, or maybe even the next holiday card. The photo that elicits a smile each time it's viewed.

What happens in the booth is meant to be shared, liked, tweeted, and pinned. That's why you'll love their online image gallery that's uploaded after your event. You and your guests have access to high resolution digital files where they can share and download at no additional charge.

Want to know more?

Visit Funtography Moments online and view their video at

Call or text them at 843-453-1753. Serving the Carolinas and Atlanta Area.

Looking forward to creating memories with you.

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