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Exhibitor FAQ



How do I sign up?

Included in your Exhibitor Packet is an Exhibitor Application & Contract. Complete the form and email or mail it back to us at the addresses provided on the form. If your business category isn’t identified on the Exhibitor Application & Contract, also send us the Tell Us About Your Business form.

What’s included in my space fee?

An  8’ table, based on what you select on your sign up form. You can purchase an additional table or linen for $10 each. 

How large are the exhibitor spaces?


Spaces will be at least the traditional bridal showcase size of 10x10. 

Can I purchase an additional showcase space?


Yes, additional showcase spaces can be purchased, under the same business name, for an additional amount.

Where will I be located for the showcase?


As vendors sign up, we will be working on a comprehensive diagram of the showcase layout. Placement is not made based on the order in which vendors sign up.


We’ll be distributing the diagram to vendors who have signed up for the show, once it is complete.

Please note that the diagram may change after it's published on our site. Revisions will be updated on the site as they are made.

When can I set up my space?


We can set up from 11 am - 3 pm at SiMT on 1/11/2020.  


On 1/12/2020, you can com as early as 8:30 am to begin setting up. Team Savvy Soiree will be on hand to assist.

If you come after hours, you can set up. But, you'll need to stop by SiMT Security for access. The number for security is 843-413-2810.


All spaces must be set before 1:45 pm on the day of the showcase.

Booths cannot be broken down prior to the showcase ending at 5 pm

How will booths be draped?

We will have tall back drops to booths this year.

Where can I unload on the day of the showcase?


Unloading will take place in the loading dock area at the back of SiMT.

Please move your vehicle after unloading so others can come up.

Do I have to provide a door prize?


We would love for you to participate in our giveaways! However, you are not required. Exhibitors may give away prizes although they are not required. Exhibitors that chose to provide a giveaway will have the opportunity for extra exposure as you will be announced during the showcase. If you are participating in the door prizes, please bring it wrapped/packed on the day of showcase and give it to a Team Savvy Soiree member at check in.

How will door prizes be awarded?


We will have some activites where attendees can win prizes. Also, to encourage exhibitor engagement, when showcase attendees arrive they will be given an exhibitor passports to have signed or stamped by vendors signifying the attendee stopped by their booth. Passports will need to be completed to be eligible for some prizes and the grand prize. 

How many exhibitor’s will there be in each category?


Each exhibitor category is limited to 6 vendors. Some categories have a lower limit based on the specificity of service. The spaces will be given on a first come/first signed form received basis. After we have met the category maximum, we will maintain a waiting list in the event a previously signed exhibitor is no longer able to participate.

Can I get a list of other vendors who have signed up for the show?


The Exhibitors page on the showcase website will be updated as vendors sign up (after we have received their signed form and deposit).

What type of advertising will you be doing to promote the showcase?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, billboards, radio, and online search engine ads.

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