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Exhibitor Showcase Schedule

Day before expo

10:00 am Savvy Soiree arrives for draping setup

11:00 am    Doors open for vendor setup

                   Andrea and Stephanie will be onsite.

3:00 pm      Setup wraps up

Day of expo

8:30 am    Doors open for vendors

                 Sign in with Team Savvy Soiree.

                    Look for one of our Team Savvy Soiree members if you need assistance moving in.


1:45 pm  Exhibit spaces must be completely set up

                 We encourage you to take time between set up and the doors opening to visit your business neighbors' booths.


              Quick vendor meeting

2:00 pm    Doors open

                 Attendees check in/register.

4:45 pm    Prize giveaways



5:00 pm    Showcase ends

                 Booths should not be broken down before the showcase ends at 5 pm.

8:00 pm    Move out must be complete 


This schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates. 


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